Rentech Atikokan Assets Purchased by Northern Ontario Entrepreneur

Thunder Bay, ON, Thursday March 29, 2018: BioPower Sustainable Energy Corporation (BioPower) today announces the acquisition of the assets of the former Rentech pellet plant in Atikokan.  BioPower is a subsidiary company of True North Timber (TNT) in Chapleau, Ontario.

During December 2017, the company agreed to acquire the assets of Rentech Atikokan, which is principally engaged in the manufacturing of commercial grade wood pellets for the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) station near Atikokan. The acquisition of assets was completed in January 2018 with 25 local jobs maintained.

Says Mark Guillemette, CEO of BioPower Sustainable Energy Corporation; ““The acquisition of the Rentech Atikokan plant assets complements our existing presence in sustainable woodland operations and represents a strategic opportunity to extend into new emerging markets.”

“We have a strong management team that is committed to producing clean, innovative and sustainable energy solutions for customers in North America and around the world. Our immediate focus is on new business development to achieve the plant’s 110,000 metric tonnes production capacity, he said.”

BioPower Sustainable Energy Corporation will sell commercial pellets as well as residential heating pellets.